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Mr Gregory So, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, presented Awards forHong Kong Licensing Awards 2015

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The first-ever local licensing award covering creative content , the “Hong Kong Licensing Awards 2015” (“HKLA 2015”), held its Award Presentation Ceremony tonight (Tuesday) in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, to recognize the successful accomplishments of and contributions by Hong Kong’s creative and licensing talents.

The HKLA 2015 is organised by the Asian Licensing Association, sponsored by Create Hong Kong (“CreateHK”) of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“HKSAR”) and fully supported by Hong Kong Productivity Council.– The Asian Licensing Association is delighted to have the presence of Mr. Gregory So, GBS, JP, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, HKSAR Government, as the Guest-Of-Honor of the ceremony; together with Ms. Ada Leung, JP, Director of Intellectual Property, HKSAR Government, Mr. Jerry Liu, Head of CreateHK, HKSAR Government, Dr. Toby Chan, Founding Chairman of Asian Licensing Association and Mr. Danny Cheung, Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Hong Kong Licensing Awards to officiate at the award ceremony and recognize the achievements of the award winners.

The Asian Licensing Association is devoted to promoting the competitiveness of local licensing enterprises in Hong Kong. To further promote local creative and licensing talents, as well as to recognize their remarkable contributions and encouraging the development of the creative and innovation industries, the Asian Licensing Association proudly presents the first edition of Hong Kong Licensing Awards in 2015. Dr. Toby Chan, Founding Chairman of the Asian Licensing Association, said that, “Creative industries is one of the most vibrant sectors in Hong Kong’s economy. The establishment of the first Hong Kong Licensing Awards could provide deeper insights for creative and licensing talents on the infinite values of branding. Together with Hong Kong’s unique international marketing position and professional knowledge, local talents could expand marketplace for creative contents worldwide, and thus enhancing Hong Kong’s competitiveness, and building Hong Kong as the best licensing hub in Asia.”

Mr. Danny Cheung, Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Hong Kong Licensing Awards, said at the Award Presentation Ceremony, “the HKSAR Government has been attaching importance to developing Hong Kong’s creative and licensing industries. We are grateful to the active support and generous sponsorship from CreateHK that enables the successful lacunhing of the Hong Kong Licensing Awards 2015. We wish the awards could encourage the development of creative and innovation industries through the usage of licensing and branding values.”

Six Awards to Commend the Local Creative Industries

The HKLA 2015 comprises six awards, namely Best PropertyBest LicenseeBest Licensing AgentBest Promotion Campaign, Best Young Property and Best New Character Design for Licensing, to recognize the outstanding achievements of creative talents and facilitate development of the creative industries. Among all, the Best New Character Design for Licensing is the first original character design award in the world judging by creativity and market potential. It was opened to all Hong Kong designers with less than 6 years of working experiences in the creative and design sectors with no characters published before. To help promote these new characters to potential licensing agents, the organiser specially produced the unpublished characters of the Top Five Finalists of the Best New Character Design for Licensing into figurines for display at the Hong Kong Trade Development Council International Licensing Show in 2016. In addition, the winning character of the Gold Award Winner is further produced into a mascot for taking part in the mascot parade of the Hong Kong Trade Development CouncilInternational Licensing Show 2016. Through this valuable opportunity, the award winners could explore business opportunities with licensing agents from different fields, with a view to tapping into the global market for creative contents, which could thus help enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness to become an international licensing and creative centre in Asia.

The winner list of all six awards was announced and the winners received their awards at the award presentation ceremony.

The following are the Gold Award winners and their awarded properties:


Gold Award Winners

Awarded Properties

Best Promotion Campaign Award


Gundam docks at Hong Kong II

Best Licensing Agent Award

Animation International Ltd


Best Licensee Award

Go Green (Hong Kong) Limited

Hello Kitty Go Green Organic Farm

Best Young Property Award



Best Property Award

M & C Toy Centre Ltd.

World Peacekeepers

Best New Character Design for Licensing Award

Yiu Hoi Tak


The appendix attached shows the full winner list for the six award categories.

Immediately held after the “Hong Kong Licensing Awards 2015” Award Presentation Ceremony was the Award Presentation Ceremony of Asian Licensing Awards 2015. The organizer is honoured to have the presence of Mr. Gregory So, GBS, JP, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, HKSAR Government, to present the Asian Licensing Awards too.

International Licensing Summit

Worldwide Professionals to Share Successful Experiences and Insights

In order to give impetus to the development of talents and facilitate exchange in the licensing industry, the organiser held The International Licensing Summit before the Award presentation ceremony. Five reputable licensing experts from the USA, Korea, Japan and Hong Kong, have kindly accepted the invitation to attend the Summit as guests speakers to share their insightful practices and successful experiences in licensing development for entertainment and creative industries. Their sharing at the Summit helped the participating industry practitioners learn and understand more about the development of licensing in different areas around the world. The guest speaker list of the Summit is as follows:


Guest Speakers



Yoon Sunmin

Vice President of LINE FRIENDS


Steven Ekstract

Group Publisher of License! Global Daily & License! Global magazine


Kazuo Rikukawa

Executive General Producer, CHARACTER DATABANK, Ltd., Japan

Hong Kong

Ivanhoe Cheng

Product Director of Chow Sang Sang Jewellery Co., Ltd.


Yujin Nishino

General Manager of TV TOKYO Communications Corporations

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